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Your Ticket To Anxiety-Free Driving
Most people WITHOUT driving anxiety dismiss it as a joke. IT'S NOT! Please tell us about your worst driving anxiety symptoms, and learn why they're making your life hell.

Driving Anxiety Symptoms That Make Life Hell

I talked the other day on Facebook about how cruel people without driving anxiety symptoms can be. They’re often cruel towards people who live with these symptoms every single day! It makes me ANGRY. Watching them stigmatized makes me angry. I also get angry when sufferers aren’t taken seriously. However, I get especially angry when they’re made fun of.

You’re part of the problem if you think driving anxiety is stupid or funny. You’re also not wanted here. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

But if you live with driving anxiety, read on. I have a small favor to ask you.

What Are Your Worst Driving Anxiety Symptoms?

There are so many different symptoms that go with driving anxiety. It would help me better understand my readers’ worst driving anxiety symptoms if you’d fill out the short survey below. Thank you! 🙂

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Daily Life is Hell with Driving Anxiety Symptoms

Driving anxiety is not officially an anxiety disorder. Most driving anxiety symptoms occur because anxious drivers suffer from other anxiety disorders. For example, anxiety about driving on highways is usually a manifestation of agoraphobia. Fear of driving over bridges is often caused by a fear of heights (acrophobia). And tunnel phobia is a form of claustrophobia.

There is no direct correlation between the above symptoms and any specific anxiety disorder. That’s because there are thousands of anxiety symptoms. And any of them can occur with any disorder. However, the most common anxiety disorders and phobias involved with driving anxiety are:

  • Agoraphobia — Agoraphobia causes a person to perceive certain situations as unsafe. Because of this, they fear being trapped in a dangerous environment. Agoraphobia often causes fear of highway driving.
  • Panic disorder — Panic attacks characterize panic disorder. These attacks are periods of intense fear. They tend to peak in about ten minutes, and they’re not related to substance use or any other mental illness.
  • Acrophobia — Acrophobia is the fear of heights. It plays a significant role in fear of driving on bridges.
  • Claustrophobia — This is the fear of enclosed spaces without a way of escaping. The fear of driving through tunnels involves claustrophobia.
  • Social anxiety disorder — Social anxiety disorder causes intense anxiety in social situations. Driving is a social activity. People with social anxiety disorder can experience painful driving anxiety symptoms due to other drivers or passengers in the car.

Millions of People Have Driving Anxiety Symptoms

18.1% of the US adult population suffers from anxiety disorders. Sadly, only 36.9% ever seek treatment. I find this statistic disturbing. That’s why I believe finding a good anxiety therapist is very important.

There are millions of people battling painful driving anxiety symptoms. It’s a very common problem. Therefore, never laugh at or made fun of it. Anyone who thinks driving anxiety is a joke probably knows at least one person who has it. And I doubt the person who has it thinks it’s all that funny.

Greg Weber

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