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Your Ticket To Anxiety-Free Driving
Learn more about the importance of online anxiety disorder support groups. Because ALL types of anxiety can lessened by the support of other people.

The Importance of Online Anxiety Disorder Support Groups

Let’s face it. The journey of recovery from anxiety disorder is a tough road. That’s why online anxiety disorder support groups can be so important.

It doesn’t matter what form anxiety disorder takes for you. It could be driving anxiety recovery, social anxiety, agoraphobia and driving, generalized anxiety, or another other anxiety disorder.

I believe all anxiety disorders are pretty much the same when you get down to the core of them. And all types can be can overcome or lessened by the same two things: changed behavior and the support of other people who’ve “been there and done that.” People who “get it.”

Online Anxiety Disorder Support Groups Can Play An Important Role in Our Lives

We all need support, and one of the easiest ways to find it is through support groups.

Here’s a quick list of the online support groups I’ve used over the last couple of years. I can’t thank these people enough for their generosity, kindness of spirit, and for simply being there:

  • Social Anxiety Support Forum — This is a huge online support group for those who struggle with social anxiety. That’s still an issue for me, so I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from these guys. 🙂
  • Depression Forums — Depression and anxiety often go hand in hand. Even though this group’s name indicates it’s for depression, there’s still a ton of online anxiety disorder support to be found here. This is a large and very active community, and still I use it whenever I’m having a tough time getting though a day paralyzed by anxiety and depression.
  • Anxiety Forum — A smaller but still active group focused more exclusively on online anxiety support.
  • Experience Project — Though not technically an anxiety support group, I’ve still made a lot of great connections here. It’s a fascinating place to hang out and read the stories and confessions of people who’ve really struggled and really lived life. It’s also a great place to vent when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

I’ve found that having one or two online groups where I can get support for anxiety disorder is very, very helpful. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of them available; the list above is by no means comprehensive.


Greg Weber

PS — Which online anxiety disorder support groups do you use? Let us all know about them in the comments section below.

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