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Get Rid of Driving Long Distance Anxiety with Panic Away

driving long distance anxiety
Barry McDonagh from the Panic Away program says your driving distance “safe zone” is really all just in your mind.

I’ve heard from Driving Peace customers countless times about the suffering they endure from driving long distance anxiety. These feelings occur when they drive outside their driving distance “safe zone”: an imaginary circle (usually with home as the center) that they feel “safe” driving inside of. Driving safe zones are not just based on geographical distance. They also include familiar locations and driving routes.

Here’s Why Driving Long Distance Anxiety Safe Zones Don’t Actually Exist

In reality, driving safe zones only exist inside the mind. You are actually no safer inside your “safe zone” than you are outside it. Now, why is this the case?

Barry McDonagh of the Panic Away Program says the real issue you need to address is that your safe zone is pure imagination. It’s nothing more than a mental construct, and you’ve persuaded yourself it keeps you safe. Barry’s solution to anxiety attacks while driving is about changing your relationship to panic attacks themselves. His techniques can be applied in any situation that gives you panic attacks.

Use the Panic Away Program to Get Rid of Driving Long Distance Anxiety

Panic Away creator Barry McDonagh

Barry believes the pain and dread you suffer from panic attacks aren’t caused by panic attacks.


Let me say that again: The pain your panic attacks cause you aren’t because you suffer from panic attacks.

That makes no sense!

Except he’s right. I know because I’ve used Panic Away myself for over two years. Panicking while driving long distances was the last manifestation of my driving anxiety, the one I couldn’t completely shake.

Barry taught me that I wasn’t suffering from panic attacks. I was instead suffering from the fear of having a panic attack outside my driving safe zone. Panicking wasn’t my problem. My problem was my fear of panicking. I was suffering from the fear of fear, a condition not readily apparent to someone experiencing panic attacks. I’ll let Barry explain it better with a direct quote:

“If someone were to ask me what the key difference is between those who are cured of panic attacks and those who are not, I would say; those who are cured are no longer suffering from a fear of fear.”

Barry McDonagh

What Does It Mean to Suffer From a Fear of Fear?

Barry says the actual cause of panic attacks is a state of mental, physical, or emotional exhaustion. As a result, the mind and nervous system becomes over-sensitized to certain thoughts and certain physical sensations. Andrew Cunningham, my co-creator, says as much in the Driving Peace program.

My problem wasn’t panicking outside my safe zone. The dread, anticipation, worry, and sleepless nights I had before I knew I’d be driving beyond my comfort zone basically came down to a false belief I would be in extreme danger if I had a panic attack too far away from home. Barry proved to me in Panic Away that I was actually in no more danger during a panic attack — in any situation — than I was sitting comfortably at home on my couch.

Mastering the fear of fear is a paradoxical solution to panic attacks first pioneered by Dr. Viktor Frankl. Dr. Frankl used a psychological technique called paradoxical intention in his founding of Logotherapy. He advocated its use by those who live with severe forms of anxiety disorder.

Barry from Panic Away says long distance driving anxiety and its accompanying panic attacks can be cured. I believe him, because I’ve never had any cause to doubt the truth of his statement. Panic Away works, period.

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