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Your Ticket To Anxiety-Free Driving
Safe and secure driving is a moving target - there's a LOT to keep track of. Use these 7 car security tips to guarantee your safety while driving.

7 Car Security Tips That Guarantee Your Safety While Driving

Driving today requires being present, and being aware of car security tips. The roads today are a little bit crazy. There are drivers who are influenced by intoxicating substances, young drivers, old drivers, roads with potholes from decaying infrastructure, road construction, emergency vehicles, unique traffic signs, and idiosyncratic traffic laws which differ per municipality, state, and country.

If you’re going to be secure and safe while you’re driving, you’re going to have to think about things like this. There are new security gadgets all over the place today, but you can’t trust technology ahead of common sense. Following are seven car security tips that guarantee your safety while driving.

1). Don’t Forget To Lock The Doors
This seems like a basic no-brainer, but if you don’t make locking the doors a subconscious component of your traveling cycle, you’re going to forget, and that’s when your vehicle gets broken into. Also, when in traffic, sometimes inner-city areas have unsavory characters who may open your door if it’s not locked.

Always lock your doors when parking your vehicle and leaving it, and always lock your doors when driving. Additionally, locked doors can help keep them from flapping open when a terrible wreck happens. There are instances where this could save your life.

When a car rolls, doors swing open, people fly out, and bodies get crushed. There are times when the force behind a vehicle rolling is too much even for locked doors. Then again, there are times when this will save your life.

2). Leave Early To Give Yourself Time; Drive Under The Limit
The majority of traffic issues, road rage, etc. can actually be avoided if you just drive five miles under the limit and stay in the slow lane. Yes, it’s more fun to drive fast. Yes, you may be in a rush. But when you rush, you emotionally set yourself up for failure, panic, anger, road rage, and mistakes which come with those emotions.

If you give yourself a cushion and learn to leave early, you never have to rush, you’re always at peace, you can notice negative trends on the road, and you can avoid getting into trouble. Being stress-free and driving under the limit won’t save you from everybody, but it can be a great defensive security measure.

3). Learn Traffic Patterns And Alternate Routes
Los Angeles, California is one of the most populous cities in the world. As such, it has a ubiquity of out-of-towners zipping through on any given day. The majority of them use interstates, highways, and primary roadways. Accordingly, at certain times during the day—read: most of the day—there’s traffic; often bumper-to-bumper.

Leaving early and driving carefully can help you avoid some of it, but sometimes your best recourse will be finding a new route. Look at maps, drive exploratively when you have free time, and know alternate routes. This is as important in the event of an emergency as it is when you need to skip traffic.

4). Take The Time To Learn Emergency Techniques: Donuts
When it snows, when it gets cold, when it rains too much too quick, roads become slick. If you’ve never handled your vehicle when it is in a slide, then you don’t know what you’re up against. When it gets cold where you are, or conditions get slick, go out to a big empty parking lot with somebody who knows what they’re doing, and spin some donuts.

There are driver’s ed courses where you can do this in an “above the board” way; take your own counsel on that. The point is, when you’re out of control, you’ll know it before you over-correct and roll the vehicle. If you’ve never spun some “donuts” in an empty snow-covered parking lot, this is fun, and will give you greater security in adverse conditions going forward.

5). Keep Your Vehicle Well-Maintained – Buy A Tow Package
You need regular maintenance on your vehicle so it works as it needs to. If brakes go out when someone cuts in front of you, that could be a collision. If brakes are always working well, you won’t have to worry about them.

A tow package from your insurance company will likely be some sort of roadside assistance deal which additionally gives you access to a guy who will drive out and jump your car or help you change a tire if you need it. Get a tow package, not just to save you hundreds of dollars if you need towed, but for other incidental emergencies.

6). Ensure You Are Up To Date On Trends In The Industry
Elon Musk wants self-driving cars on the roads as quick as they can be validated. Did you see the film Looper? In that futuristic movie, automated self-driving semi-trucks took over back roads in the Midwest. The roads today, the roads fifty years ago, and the roads of the future will all be different. You need to stay up on the trends.

Check out this driving guide for some more tips on safe driving drawn from today’s current conditions. Finding the proper resources and checking in on them every year or so will help you stay ahead of changing trends which characterize the highways you frequent.

7). Drive Defensively
All of these things are examples of driving defensively. It’s more than knowing the road, being cognizant of other drives, and driving “ahead” of where you are. You’ve additionally got to keep your vehicle secure, and strategically determine when you’ll travel. One more thing: know how to contact an attorney if insurance companies go “sideways” on you.

The roads today are unpredictable and strange, but you will be able to securely, safely travel them if you just take the time to think about what you’re doing. Use common sense. Avoid traffic where possible, keep your vehicle maintained, get a tow package, know how things are changing, and drive defensively.


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