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Your Ticket To Anxiety-Free Driving

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About Greg Weber

Information about Greg Weber and Andrew Cunningham, the creators of the Driving Peace program.
Greg Weber

I’ve always been fascinated by psychology, and especially with how we humans deal with primal emotions like fear. As someone who’s suffered from social anxiety, driving phobia, and panic disorder, I’ve had lots of personal motivation to learn about more effective coping skills. I’ve tried every imaginable treatment strategy for panic and anxiety, including driving phobia therapy, talk therapy, drug therapy, meditation, EMDR, hypnotherapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Of all of these, I strongly believe CBT and mindfulness exercises are the most helpful for freeing people from the awful grip of crippling anxiety. The Driving Peace program is based on these powerful, “brain reprogramming” techniques.

I live in the Pacific Northwest region of the US and work as a web and custom software developer. In my spare time I hike, read, do yoga, and watch movies — sometimes obsessively.

About Andrew Cunningham

About Andrew Cunningham
Andrew Cunningham

I’m a clinically certified therapist working in London, England with 15 years experience in private practice. My focus is mainly helping people overcome their fears so they can pursue their goals free from anxiety and phobia. I thoroughly enjoy working with clients and extend a warm welcome to you. I want to help you start making positive changes and live the life you’ve always dreamed. The process is creative and positive, but in a down-to-earth way.

I really enjoy using simple principles and find that positive things arise naturally out of the work I do with my clients. The expression “reality sets you free” often seems to apply.

My interest in therapy is roughly one third of my life. The other two thirds are family and music. My family is a source of great warmth and stability and love. I live with my family in East Dulwich South London.

I offer therapy with a friendly and approachable manner. Please feel free to contact me, or refer me to a friend to make an appointment.