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Your Ticket To Anxiety-Free Driving
Is hypnosis for driving anxiety effective? Yes it is! Learn more about hypnosis and how to use it to heal your own driving anxiety.

Hypnosis for Driving Anxiety Makes Driving a LOT Easier

Hypnosis has gotten a bad rap over the centuries. Many people still think of staring at a swinging watch, with some cheesy guy saying, “You are getting veeeeeerrry sleeeeepyyy“. But hypnosis is a highly respected form of therapy. And hypnosis for driving anxiety is very effective.

Andrew Cunningham, the co-founder of Driving Peace, is himself a clinical hypnotherapist who has successfully treated many different types of anxiety disorders. Hypnosis is a core part of the Driving Peace program.

What is Hypnotherapy, Anyway?

Hypnosis is a state of highly-focused concentration. It’s similar to the state you’re in when absorbed in a good book or TV show. There’s still a common misconception that you are unconscious when you’re hypnotized. This is not true. You remain awake and aware when hypnotized. Hypnosis induces a state of deep relaxation and inward focus.

Much of our suffering in life is due to our unconscious attitudes and beliefs. Hypnosis taps into the subconscious mind. It opens up the possibility of deep emotional and mental change on a core level. Hypnotherapy uses the hypnotic state to access and heal parts of our psyche that are resistant to regular talk therapy.

Hypnosis for Driving Anxiety

Hypnosis for anxiety can be broken into two main categories: self-help hypnosis that you can do on your own, and hypnotherapy with a trained professional. You can find resources for both categories below.

Self-Help: Hypnosis Downloads

Overcome Fear of Driving

hypnosis for driving anxiety

Hypnosis can re-educate your unconscious mind to treat driving as an everyday activity.

Overcome Fear of Driving Over Bridges

anxiety hypnosis driving

Hypnosis can show you the way to get over that bridge comfortably.

Stop Being a Nervous Passenger

driving anxiety hypnosis

Calm your fears around travel with this gentle hypnosis session.

Fear and Anxiety 5 Pack

driving hypnosis anxiety

5 guided sessions designed to help you rid yourself of excess anxiety and fear once and for all.

Self-Help: Hypnosis Videos

BTW, The One Move ™ is from the Panic Away Program

Self-Help: Hypnosis Apps

The Calm App

The DARE App

Professional Help: Find a Hypnotherapist

Sometimes self-help is not enough, so you need the help of a professional. Here’s some professional resources for you to consider:

  • Andrew Cunningham – Andrew is a skilled and highly experienced hypnotherapist. He lives in London UK, but he does Zoom, Skype, and phone sessions as well as in person.
  • American Hypnosis Association – The AHA is a clinical hypnosis college based in California. They have a large database of therapists.
  • Psychology TodayLots of resources for hypnotherapy, including a large list of available therapists.
  • Good Therapy – Thousands of different therapist offering every type of therapy you can think of. Including hypnotherapy.

Also check out my guide for how to find a good anxiety therapist.

A lot of people still scoff at hypnosis, but it’s proven to be an effective treatment for driving anxiety. And the best part is, you can learn to use it in any situation that makes you anxious.


Greg Weber