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Your Ticket To Anxiety-Free Driving
These calming stress relief techniques can be done quickly, so you can use them in a pinch. Try these calming techniques anytime you're having a stress-related emergency.

Calming Stress Relief Techniques: Here’s 7 You Can Do In Under A Minute

When you’re feeling lost in the shuffle, and like there’s no time to breathe, take a minute for yourself and recharge with these calming stress relief techniques.

The great thing about them is, you can do them all in under a minute.

Calming Stress Relief Techniques in Less Than a Minute

  1. Try a short meditation — The term meditation may sound scary, but this one minute meditation is stone simple and is a great way to clear your mind.
  2. Forward bends — Most of us carry stress in our neck, back, and shoulders. Relieve the tension in those muscles with a forward bend. Bend straight forward at the waist while keeping your back flat. Don’t force, or try to touch your toes. Just let your upper body hang while you breath deeply. Continue for one minute.
  3. Tap your energy pointsTapping, also called EFT, changes your emotions by stimulating various energy points in the face and hands. The thinking behind it is similar to acupuncture, but don’t worry…there are no needles involved here!
  4. Do a someone a small kindness — It doesn’t have to be anything big. Bring your co-worker a cup of coffee, or let someone in front of you whilst driving on the highway. Showing kindness and compassion for others gives us a break from ourselves.
  5. Give yourself a mini-massage — Massage your shoulders and neck with the tips of your fingers for one minute. Breathe deeply while you do this for added stress relief.
  6. Step outside for a minute — Stress is partly a physical experience, so changing the state of your body often changes your mood. Step outside from wherever your are and take a few deep breaths. It can really make a difference.
  7. Make a list — Some of your stress may be caused by that nagging feeling of forgetting something. Make a quick list of the 10 most important items you’re supposed to be getting done. This gets them out of your head and into concrete form.

Try the above in your own combinations too. Doing any of these 7 calming stress relief techniques whenever you have a spare minute can really add up to some seriously relief, especially over time.


Greg Weber