Driving Anxiety as a Passenger: What Causes It, and How You Can Control It

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Do you suffer driving anxiety as a passenger? Learn more about its causes and how to control it. You deserve to ride as a passenger without undue anxiety.

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If you’re already prone to anxiety, you may fear sitting in the passenger seat while someone else drives. This is driving anxiety as a passenger, and it’s extremely common. It can show up whether you’re in a car, an airplane, a bus — any moving vehicle where you’re not the driver.

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Anxiety Attacks While Driving: 5 Tips to Cope

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0 comments Anxiety attacks while driving are very painful – and very common. Use these 5 tips to cope with the pain of anxiety attacks while driving.

Are you prone to getting anxiety attacks while driving? So was I. This is a common occurrence that you don’t need to feel ashamed about. I did for a long time, and it only made things worse. You can read my story here. Because so many people suffer from anxiety attacks while driving, I decided to offer some helpful tips for dealing with them.

Anxiety attacks while driving can be scary, because sometimes we’re unsure how our bodies will react. Many of us struggle with fear we may pass out or go insane, although this rarely (if ever) happens.

Fortunately, there are ways of getting through these anxiety attacks. While driving can be stressful in itself, those of us who struggle with anxiety feel the pain in a whole different way.

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Anxiety About Driving: You’re Not Alone

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1 comment Anxiety about driving occurs for several different reasons. Find out what may be causing your anxiety about driving.

More people than you realize struggle with anxiety about driving. But, sometimes it’s only an issue because they feel alone, different, and unsure of what to do about it. Please realize you’re not alone, and that there are things you can do to overcome anxiety about driving. Before you can overcome it, though, you need to come to terms with it. That’s what worked for me, and that’s why I’m sharing this with you now.

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Overcoming Fear of Driving: Here’s 7 Tips That Can Help

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0 comments Are you working on overcoming fear of driving? These 7 useful tips might make it easier to overcome your fear of driving.

Overcoming fear of driving is important, because getting behind the wheel has a tendency to strike fear in those prone to driving anxiety, like myself. The swift movements of cars, and people making unsure decisions all around you can lead to an uneasy feeling of not being safe. The fear of driving is much more common than you might think, so many people need to learn techniques to help them overcome it.

This is because fear blocks us from achieving our goals, from going after what we want in life, and in this case, from getting to where we need to go.

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Easy Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety and Stress

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0 comments It’s essential to learn relaxation techniques if you suffer from anxiety. Use these easy relaxation techniques to conquer anxiety and stress.

Learning how to use easy relaxation techniques for anxiety and stress is essential in today’s world. Stress may be a normal part of life, but when you have anxiety disorder, “normal” stress can feel unbearable.

People with anxiety experience stress more profoundly that those without it, which makes it even more important for anxious people to learn how to relax.

Here are some easy relaxation techniques for anxiety and stress that can benefit anyone who suffers from an anxiety disorder.

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Driving Phobia Therapy: What is It and How Does it Work?

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0 comments How does driving phobia therapy work to help overcome your driving anxiety? Click to find out how driving phobia therapy can help you beat your fear of driving.

For most people, driving phobia therapy is unnecessary. Driving is just an everyday activity that they take for granted. Sure, it can be frustrating, annoying, even boring. But, most do it without a second thought. Driving disappears completely unconsciously into their day-to-day life . These people don’t need driving phobia therapy.

And then, there’s the rest of us.

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Calming Stress Relief Techniques: Here’s 7 You Can Do In Under A Minute

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0 comments These calming stress relief techniques can be done quickly, so you can use them in a pinch. Try these calming techniques anytime you’re having a stress-related emergency.

When you’re feeling lost in the shuffle, and like there’s no time to breathe, take a minute for yourself and recharge with these calming stress relief techniques.

The great thing about them is, you can do them all in under a minute.

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How to Make Freeway Merging Less Scary

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0 comments Freeway merging is one of the scariest driving situations. Watch this video to learn the proper technique for how to make freeway merging less scary.

Merging into freeway traffic is hands down one of the most scary driving situations. It’s scary even if you don’t have driving anxiety.

One thing that helps is to make sure you’re using the correct procedures for freeway merging in order to make it less scary.

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Dealing With Setbacks While Recovering From Driving Anxiety

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Having setbacks while recovering from driving anxiety is completely normal. Here's how to deal with driving anxiety setbacks while you're recovering.Recovering from driving anxiety is a process, not a destination. And although we are trying to get to a place where it no longer rules our lives, we need to remember that anxiety recovery is a process that we’ll be working with (off and on) for the rest of our lives. This means that setbacks are an inevitable — and normal — part of the deal.

The number one key to successfully dealing with setbacks while recovering from driving anxiety is to keep moving forward. It stinks, but, if you’ve experienced an anxiety attack while driving, remember these tips:

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Is Our Culture of Positive Thinking Such a Good Thing?

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“Plug ‘positive thinking’ into Amazon.com, and you will find a never-ending supply of products designed to help us see life through rose-colored lenses, including ‘Power of Positive Thinking’ wall calendars and an ‘Overcoming Adversity with Encouragement and Affirmation’ poster series.”

Scientific American

Positive thinking. Our culture is awash in a seemingly infinite sea of it, but is it such a good thing? From cherry-picked Bible verses to uplifting Facebook quotes, motivational posters, The Secret, Dr. Phil, and Oprah, it’s clear that our modern culture has embraced the power of positive thinking in a BIG way.

But is “thinking positive” always such a good thing? Are there any downsides to living in a culture of positive thinking?

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