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What Causes Your WORST Anxiety While Driving?

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anxiety while driving
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Thank you for taking thi anxiety while driving survey. Please choose your number one struggle with driving anxiety.

Let us know about other issues you may have with driving anxiety. Your comments are valuable and we LOVE hearing them!

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Always motorways or driving fast that kills me
I won’t sleep the night before I have to drive anywhere farther than my nearest town and rely heavily on my husband and close family to go furthet a feild. It’s a ridiculous crippling fear that’s so
Limiting to my life, opportunities for
Fun family days out or career
Opportunities out of my immediately comfort zone. I hate feeling like this and am
Resigned to
The knowledge this is me
For life


I’m ok to drive if I stick to a few main places like the gym or the grocery store. If I have to go anywhere else I get terrible anxiety. I have this ridiculous fear of not knowing where I’m going, and then getting into an accident because I’m not concentrating on the road. I bought a GPS but haven’t even used it because I always hear stories about how a GPS can take you in the wrong direction. I know it sounds crazy and that’s what’s so upsetting to me. I avoid going to so many places because of… Read more »

Jillian Rymek
Jillian Rymek

Hi! I never had anxiety on the roads until two years ago. In fact, I used to love it and used to love to go as far as I could for work. This all ended two years ago when my first panic attack happened in a July pop up storm, on the expressway, in traffic. I felt I was trapped and I was going to faint. Legs went numb, started to see funny, and got really nervous. Now mind you this was 13 days into switching birth control pills. So I’m sure hormones played a heavy roll. However this was… Read more »