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becoming motivated when feeling depressed

5 Tips For Becoming Motivated When Feeling Depressed

Becoming motivated when you’re feeling depressed is not easy, although it is easy for someone to say “make changes to your lifestyle so you’re not depressed.” But, when you feel like doing nothing at all, how do you over come that feeling?

Here’s 5 ways of getting past that sinking feeling to become motivated when depressed:

  1. Set low goals for yourself. When you’re feeling depressed, you’re not functioning at your highest. Make small goals for yourself such as showering for the day or going to check the mail. Doing little things to further the day will help build yourself up towards bigger things.
  2. Ask for help. Ask someone you love and trust to help you get motivated. Ask them to drag you out to a movie or lunch, even when you don’t want to go out. It’s hard to get up and go out when you lack motivation. Asking for help can do wonders.
  3. Choose a type of exercise to do. Moving your body is always an excellent way to make yourself feel better. Whether it’s a light running, swimming or walking, exercising (preferably outside) is a great way to feel normal again.
  4. Make a list of activities. Seeing the things you have to do for the day makes it more real! Try to include indoor and outdoor activities in this list to give yourself something to look forward to.
  5. Visit your family and friends. Visiting your family and friends is a great way to boost your mood since they love you and are more likely to encourage you for the better. It will also get you out of the house too!

Becoming motivated when you’re feeling depressed can seem impossible, but it certainly isn’t. The key is taking tiny steps to finding the real you again.

Greg Weber

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