10 Seconds to Instant Anxiety Relief with this Easy Relaxation Technique

Need instant anxiety relief? Try this easy relaxation technique from Steve Pavilanis of A Life Less Anxious.I believe lasting freedom from driving anxiety can’t be achieved by quick fixes. Real freedom requires us to retrain our minds, bodies and emotions to see driving differently.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with taking the occasional shortcut, right? 😉

This incredibly easy relaxation technique for instant anxiety relief comes to us today from Steve Pavilanis of A Life Less Anxious.

Instantly Relieve Anxiety With This Easy Relaxation Technique

This 10 second technique provides instant anxiety relief in any stressful situation because it engages your parasympathetic nervous system. That’s your built in stress-reduction mechanism, and this video shows how easy it is to access anytime you get into a tight spot, like having anxiety driving on highways or bridge phobia from driving over bridges.

Permanent anxiety recovery takes time and patience, but thank goodness there are ways to get instant anxiety relief when you really need it. I’ve used Steve’s easy relaxation technique in a bunch of different situations where I felt like I was about to “lose it.” Try it — and apply it yourself whenever you feel yourself coming unglued. It really does help!

Greg Weber

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